Chpwn Works On Facebook

Grant Paul, aka chpwn has started working on Facebook. One of the most exciting jailbreak hackers reported about that a few hours ago via his official twitter account. He’s not the first Apple hacker that intended applying to a job in Zuckerberg’s company. Unlock and jailbreak genius Geohot also worked there fro a few months back in 2011.



The iOS jailbreaking community has to thank Grant for many good deeds he has done to make jb world stronger and better. His tweaks like Covert, VoiceActivator, AppSlide made a significant addition to Cydia app store. We shouldn’t also forget about Spire, the tweak that allows non-iPhone 4S users to install Siri voice assistance to their iDevices. It was also developed by chpwn. The guy worked not only on jailbreak apps and solutions. His two apps – Hacker News client news:yc and Pastie client Paste were officially approved by the App Store. Check it yourself by clicking the links.

There’s no exact info on what chpwn’s Facebook occupation is right now but there are a couple of suggestions. First – hacker does the work similar to Geohot. He’s most probably the security consultant/expert and helps Facebook’s developers to make the most popular social network on the Earth to become more stable and secure. You know, the bigger your empire is, the bigger are the risks.

The second suggestion is connected with widely rumored Facebook Phone. If the company really plans to launch the smartphone production they need not only highly-experienced designers and developers but also high-end security experts to build the reliable and safe operating system (maybe they should call it fOS, lol). And who knows about the security the most? That’s right – chpwn who used to hack the most protected OS for years. Now it becomes clear why chpwn is on Facebook as an intern. Let’s see what comes next.

What do you think of it? Could hackers work for giant companies like Apple, Facebook or else or should they remain uncovered and hidden continuing finding new exploits and vulnerabilities? Tell us what you think in the comment section under the article.

Update: Now chpwn is working on iPhone 5 jailbreak specially for iOS 6 and A5 and A5X devices.