How to Find Out if iPhone 6 Is Unlocked or Locked? [Instruction]

Users who are planning to buy a used or new iPhone might be interested in how to find if iPhone is unlocked. This can be done with any Apple smartphone model, including the most recent iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. Only SIM unlocked device can be used on different networks without issues and it is worth much more than a locked gadget.

Here is how to find out if iPhone 6 is unlocked or locked. Once again, this can be done with any phone, even iPhone 5, 5c, 5S, 4S and earlier versions. There are different methods and not only iPhone network checker you can use.

How to Find If iPhone Is Locked / Unlocked

Method 1. If you are buying the iPhone 6 directly from Apple and pay full price for it you should get a model unlocked by default.

Method 2. If you are buying the new iPhone 6 or 6 Plus from a carrier with a subsidized plan or 2-year contract you get a locked smartphone.

Method 3. To check if iPhone is locked or unlocked you need to access its settings. Turn the device on and go to cellular settings. If you find the Mobile Data Network option your gadget is most likely unlocked.

Method 4. You can check SIM lock status on your own. Take a couple of SIM cards from different carriers and insert them into the phone. If you are able to see the signal and make phone calls with any SIM (for example, from AT&T and Sprint or T-Mobile and O2 etc.) you are successfully unlocked. If there is no signal, you are locked.

Method 5. You can use iPhone network lock check free distant service to find out if you are locked or unlocked by IMEI number which can be looked up in Settings. This method works for users who don’t have the gadget in hand.