How to Fix iTunes Error 3194 on iPhone During iOS 7.1 Update

iTunes error 3194 during iOS update is a common problem experienced by users during installation of different versions of Apple mobile firmware for iPhone and other iDevices. The latest iOS 7.1 update [this version was released on Monday, March 10] causes the bug and we’ll explain how you can fix it on your smartphone.

Not all users get the issue. So no all of you need the fix, however users who do come across the problem wish to fix iTunes error 3194 on their iDevice. There are several ways how you can install this firmware. One of them is using iTunes. This is when you might encounter the bug.

fix itunes error 3194

The problem is pretty common, as we have mentioned. A lot of users experience it while restoring their iPhone. iTunes is telling you that your smartphone is not eligible for restore to iOS 7.1. At the same time, this is the latest firmware version which Apple allows you installing. The Cupertino-based tech company doesn’t like its customers to jailbreak iPhone 4S / 4 / 5 / 5S / 5c, but iOS 7.1 jailbreak is now not possible. The problem is different, it has nothing to do with the new firmware.

Fix iTunes Error 3194 Instruction

Hosts file on your computer is where the problem lies. iTunes is using this file to connect to the activation server used by Apple. This file is kept on Windows and OS X computers. iPhone users who have changed their hosts file get error 3194 while they update to iOS 7.1 using iTunes.

Anyone who tried to jailbreak with Redsn0w, TinyUmbrella or similar jailbreaking software have actually modified the hosts file trying to “trick” the program to not communicate with Apple’s verification servers during iOS restore.

The fix for iPhone iOS 7.1 upgrade is simple.

Step 1. Modify hosts file.

Step 2. Close iTunes.

Step 3. Reboot computer.

This is how the problem should be solved allowing you to successfully install iOS 7.1 on the iPhone and get no error 3194 on iTunes.