How to Fix Personal Hotspot Missing Problem After iOS Update

I know that many iPhone users trying to find fix for personal Hotspot missing after iOS update. It is common problem that impact many iDevices after iOS update.

This problem is really relevant today because we all know that Apple release iOS 6 beta versions and after installing it you can encounter with personal hotspot missing problem.

That’s why I decided to help you to fix personal Hotspot missing on iPhone. There are two methods so you can choose that one which works for you. All you need is to follow my step-by-step guide which is good not only for iPhone but for iPad and iPod Touch too.

But before we start make sure that all your Wi-Fi settings such as passwords and DNS settings are removed. It is needed to do because this process will reset all Network configurations.

Fix for Personal Hotspot Missing after iOS Update

Step 1. Launch Settings and go to General.

Step 2. In the bottom of General you will find Reset so tap it and click Reset Network Settings.

Step 3. Go to Setting again and you will see that personal Hotspot missing is fixed and you can locate it there.

This first method is very easy to do but if it doesn’t work you try another method to fix personal Hotspot missing after iOS update. In this method you have to just retype access point name (APN) in Internet tethering settings. Follow steps below:

Step 1. Go to Setting => General => Network => Cellular Data Network.

Step 2. Now scroll down to Internet Tethering and write down APN.

Note: There is no need to write down Username and Password but you can write it if needed.

And that’s it. Now you can be cool because you have just fixed personal Hotspot missing after iOS update and can enjoy it.

I hope that there where no problems with that and you can enjoy your personal Hotspot feature but if there were some then use comment form bellow to describe your problem.