Gold iPhone 5S Images Leaked Online Along With Different Parts

Every time you are waiting for some new device made by Apple the first you want to find out how it looks like. The same situation is with iPhone 5S and it’s coming release date.

now Apple is going to release gold iPhone 5S and you can see it on the images below. According to Engadget:

Tired of Apple offering iPhones solely in black or white? If photos obtained by MacBoutic are accurate, you’ll get some variety soon… and some bling, for that matter. The repair shop’s images reportedly show an iPhone 5S shell in a simulated gold color, supporting recent spec predictions from KGI analyst (and frequent AppleInsider tipster) Ming-Chi Kuo. While it’s difficult to verify the snapshots when MacBoutic has erased all logos, this doesn’t look like an aftermarket project; the hue extends to normally inaccessible parts of the phone, for example. As a result, we won’t be surprised if we see a flashy gold iPhone at Apple’s rumored September 10th event.

And now just check out the photos of the gold-colored iPhone and parts:

photo iPhone 5S Coque Chassis Or

photo iPhone 5S Coque Chassis Or

photo iPhone 5S Coque Chassis Or

photo iPhone 5S Coque Chassis Or

Photo du Capteur de proximité - iPhone 5S

Photo du dock de rechargement assemblé avec différents éléments - iPhone 5S

Photo du Haut Parleur - iPhone 5S

Photo du Vibreur - iPhone 5S

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