How to Use IMEI To Factory Unlock iPhone

A lot of iPhone users like to use IMEI to unlock their device and get more than ordinary users with a locked gadget. It is great to be able to insert any SIM card and save on roaming charges. It is also nice to be free from Apple’s restrictions. Some customers simply get a never-lock smartphone. But this is way more expensive than purchasing a locked handset which you can easily unlock by using IMEI code.
Below you will find how to use IMEI to unlock iPhone 4S and other iPhone models without problems. What should you be aware of before you unlock iPhone by using IMEI? Where to begin? Continue reading, and you will become an expert in IMEI unlock.

Use IMEI to Factory Unlock iPhone | Guide

The tips described below will save your nerves and keep you away from stress. Make sure you go through all the advice on our list.
Step 1
Before you decide to unlock, make sure you own a locked iOS smartphone. You can check and even re-check this information a couple of times. You might be a lucky owner of an unlocked AT&T iPhone. In this case there is no need for you to perform unlock.
You should also find out what carrier you are locked to. There aren’t free programs which help users to figure out their original network. You also need to get your original mobile operator’s SIM in order to perform unlock. To check iPhone network just follow the link.
Step 2
You should decide for yourself if you really need to factory unlock the gadget or not. Unlock gives you a lot of benefits. At the same time it is illegal to unlock iPhones in the U.S.if you don’t have your carrier’s permission. Customers from the rest of the world are able to legally unlock their smartphone and get signal from any carrier’s SIM cards once and forever.
Step 3
Make sure your gadget has been activated with the carrier it is locked to.
Step 4
Find out if your iPhone is listed as “blacklisted” or not. It is possible to use IMEI to unlock iPhones locked some carriers, still there is no way to unlock most of barred gadgets.
Step 5
Double check the IMEI code for your iPhone. This number is important for unlock services. It must be correct and it should be the code of your particular handset.
Step 6
Choose the company with will unlock your iOS device. It should be a trusted company with legit service for distant unlocks.
Author’s note: If your iPhone is locked to AT&T go and unlock it only for $9.99
Make sure you correctly submit information when you place your order online. Provide your iPhone model, name the carrier it is locked to and use your IMEI number. Wait till your order is processed and you get an email with further instructions.
Step 7
Follow the instructions you have been emailed and enjoy being unlocked.