How to use Siri on iPhone 5S with Typing and not Talking

You can always type to Siri instead of talk on your iPhone 5S and other models / iDevices. This program understands a lot of commands and knows answers to different questions. There is no need to jailbreak iPhone. Sometimes, of course, it might misunderstand you. It can happen when you are typing or talking but anyway there is a way how you can adjust the query and clear it up to this app.

It is easy to use Siri by typing. Users can edit their texts and help Siri respond correctly. These are things to type into Siri when you wish to edit your question or command. You can type them from any Apple smartphone or tablet that supports Siri.

Step 1. Open Siri. To do this, just click and hold your Home button.

Step 2. Speak your request and scroll up to see it. It should be on your display.
Step 3. Click on this text and you will be able to edit what you have spoken.
Step 4. You can now apply changes.
Step 5. Once you have finished editing the request click on Done [this option is located in the low right corner of your keyboard].
Step 6. Allow Siri re-process the command and answer it.
You can use Siri on iPhone 5S / 5c / 5 using this method. It is handy when you have to use a name place or titles that can be misunderstood until you edit them manually.