Meet New Siri Alternative From IBM For Watson Platform

IBM decided to develop its own Siri alternative, which will be used for Watson, played up the first year participating in the American game show Jeopardy.

Machine has the size of a few refrigerators, which its creators have trained to understand and analyze complex semantic information in natural language, will turn into a cloud technology that will challenge the personal Apple voice assistant – Siri. The first version of a computer working on Citigroup Inc. and WellPoint Inc., but requires a high-power as well, so it is not appropriate for the tablet or smartphone. And Watson 2.0 will remain in a sense, the cloud technology. The main centers of calculation is likely to be IBM server clusters. How they deal with thousands or even millions of requests – the big question.

IBM SIRI alternative watson

There is another, no less important question. As part of the contract with WellPoint, the silicon brain studying medicine, or more precisely – cancer. But surprising results can be expected by the end of 2013. The IBM creation learns very slowly, although the questions leading to the Jeopardy answers very smartly.

Specialists note that the questions asked in Jeopardy, have clear meaning for the people and their interpretation of the person, if he basically knew what was going on, it should be easy to answer. But another thing is the machine, because the issues here are sometimes comic overtones, sometimes their essence depends on the tone of the lead, sometimes the question can be interpreted in two ways, and its meaning depends on the category.

watson vs Siri

In other words, in addition to finding the answer to the question of what is called the “head», Watson is able to think and understand the information as a people. Computer copes with answers as deep scientific and historical themes, and on contemporary issues relating to, for example the famous “The Simpsons.”

While it is difficult to say what features will be integrated into the voice assistant for Watson. Let me remember you that Chinese companies united to create Siri alternative to beat Apple voice assistant. If it will be much simplified sense to market such a product is lost. If it is also smart as a big brother, the Siri will be a worthy competitor for IBM and Watson.