Read Latest Apple News About iCloud And its Not Working Status

Apple have just sent a massage where is said that iCloud not working and there isn’t a hint on fixing the problem. Also they didn’t say a time how long it will be lasting.  So don’t panic because I thing it it won’t be long.

Many users couldn’t receive and send iMessages during iCloud outage. It is not the first time when iCloud service doesn’t function. It happens many times allover a year.

It is hard to say what is on Apple company owners’ minds. However it can be just another technical prevention. And Apple try to fix some bugs in the system.

Because of iCloud not working I have to announce that this can affect the functionality of Macorg Siri proxy Server because it use iCloud during authentication process. So the functionality of Siri can be  broken. Sorry for inconveniences.

So read Apple massage below and make your conclusions:

System Status


  • iCloud: Services – Users Affected: Some
  • 06/20/2012 11:42 PDT

Users may be unable to access iCloud services. Normal service will be restored ASAP.

It is not really good that Apple said nothing regarding fixing not working iCloud so we must wait for further Apple announcements.

If somebody knows something about iCloud not working or possibility to fix it just say it using comments form below. We and our readers would be grateful for that.

Update: iCloud is fine and all Apple servers are online now. 

Also stay tuned with and be the first who will know why iCloud not working.