iFaith Update to v1.5.9 [Download for Windows]

Apple TV as well as iPhone and iPad users can now get iFaith 1.5.9. The program has been updated by iH8Sn0w and it fixes some bugs and dumps the second-gen ATV blobs for users who are using iOS 5.3 built 10B809.

According to program developer, new version of iFaith comes with a lot of changes. We’ll list some of them so that you can get an idea what you are offered once you start using it on your Apple devices.

iFaith 1.5.9 Update

iFaith 1.5.9 Update List

Users who wish to build signed IPSW using their iOS smartphone 3,2 blobs will have no bugs now. It also dumps ATV 2 gadgets with 5.3 [built 10B809] and solves the problems with crashes that happened because of the APTicket validation bug [for TVs that didn’t have internet connection at the particular moment]. Version 1.5.x allows you getting some cool options. You can submit your blobs to Cydia and download them from servers.

I’ll remind you what iFaith is in case you haven’t used this program before. This tool was created by hacker iH8Sn0w. It is meant for saving SHSH blobs for your iOS version along with APTickets. You can save everything right from your iPhone / Apple TV / iPad / iPod touch.

This tool is useful when you have to get your iOS SHSH blobs saved for the operating system that is not signed by Apple any more. For example, you can’t do this if you use TinyUmbrella program.

You can also get iFaith v1.5.9 to downgrade an iDevice with A4 chip to previous versions of Apple mobile firmware.

iFaith Download Link

Windows users who want to save blobs right now can download iFaith version 1.5.9 and enjoy using it on their PC. According to developers, they have been working on iFaith for Mac version so we might see it some day in the future.

Note that it’s impossible to dump SHSH blobs for A5 and A6 devices or downgrade such gadgets yet.