How to Install iOS 9.3 through iTunes on Mac / Windows PC

iTunes iOS 9.3 install guide can be helpful to new iPhone 6s users and customers who are planning to buy iPhone SE this spring. You can use OTA-update to get the most recent version of Apple mobile firmware right from your iPhone or use direct links to update via iTunes.

We have reminded how to update to iOS 9.3 via OTA update. Now it’s time to recollect the iTunes installation options that could make the process faster and easier.

How to Install iOS 9 Direct ipsw Download Update Guide

How to Install iOS 9.3 iTunes Guide

Step 1. Create a backup version of your device and make sure your handset or tablet is supported by iOS 9.3.

Step 2. You should have the most recent version of iTunes. If you are not sure, take a look in the menu bar and Check for updates.

Step 3. Now through USB connect iDevice to computer and launch iTunes. The program will detect your phone or tablet.

Step 4. Click on your device and choose Check for Update. If the firmware update is available it will be downloaded automatically once you press Download and Update option. If it is not available or your program can’t see it – install iOS 9.3 direct links we shared earlier. Download the version of iOS for your model. If you download ipsw file through direct links you’ll have to hold Option / Shift depending on Mac / Windows you are using and point to the ipsw file.

Step 5. Update and wait till iOS 9.3 is installed on the device.

You should be now running the most recent mobile firmware iOS 9.3 and explore all the cool features Apple brought this spring.