Install MobileTerminal iOS 5.1.1 For iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch

This tutorial will show you how to install MobileTerminal iOS 5.1.1 jailbroken untethered on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. Since we’ve got the long awaited release of Absinthe 2 for devices running iOS 5.1.1 there appeared new possibilities for hacking and doing different interesting things with your root filesystem. As there are nearly 1.2 million of jailbroken devices with the newest firmware onboard, it would be nice to show you how to install the working version of MobileTerminal to your gadget.


If you’re not sure why you need to install MobileTerminal there’s at least one good reason to do that – it helps you to change the SSH root password which is applied by default. That will help you to avoid various security issues. With help of the utility you can also execute a range of UNIX commands and browse through the huge library of Cydia extensions.

If you have tried to install the tool on device running iOS 5 or above you might notice that it doesn’t work as it’s not compatible with those firmware versions. That’s why you need to install the latest version of MobileTerminal (520-1) to get the utility up and running.

How To Install MobileTerminal 520-1 on iOS 5.1.1:

Step One: Make sure that any previous versions of the utility are uninstalled from the device. If there are some go to Manage > Packages > MobileTerminal > Modify > Remove.

Step Two: Download latest version of Mobile Terminal from LetsUnlockiPhone Github repo:

Step Three: Browse the Lets Unlock iPhone source and install MobileTerminal.

Step Four: The MobileTerminal will appear on your SpringBoard. Launch it and you’ll see something like on the picture above.


MobileTerminal 520-1 has several configuration options available by tapping the i icon on the right side of the screen. Those are:

  • Shortcut Menu with ability to add shortcuts to your command list and assign corresponding actions to them.
  • Gestures which allows to assign specific actions to over a dozen of available gestures.

After you’ve successfully installed MobileTerminal to your iOS 5.1.1 device it’s time to change the root password to raise the security level of your device especially when you’re online. To do that follow this guide.

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