iOS 8.3 Beta Update with Direct Download Links without Developer UDID

This week Apple has seeded iOS 8.3 beta 1 to developers. Thanks to people who like to share direct iOS 8.3 beta download links with ordinary users who don’t have a registered dev account and can’t use UDID for update, anyone who likes to risk is able to upgrade to the testing version right now.

The official iOS 8.3 release date should be coming soon. Why? Apple should launch the Apple Watch product in April. Experts believe that the company should unveil iOS 8.4 sometime before or after this big product release which means that the final iOS 8.3 must be unveiled in February or March.

iOS 8.3 Beta Download Links for Users without Dev UDID


iPhone 4S model A1431 or A1387

iPhone 5 model A1428 GSM

iPhone 5 models A1429 and A1442 CDMA

iPhone 5c versions A1456 and A1532 GSM

iPhone 5c four models A1507, A1516, A1526 and A1529 CDMA

iPhone 5S models A1453 and A1533 GSM

iPhone 5S four versions A1457, A1518, A1528 and A1530 CDMA

iPhone 6 models A1549 and A1586

iPhone 6 Plus versions A1522 and A1524


Only one iPod touch is supported, it is iPod Touch 5G


iPad 2 WiFi Rev A

iPad 2 WiFi 3G A1397 CDMA

iPad 2 WiFi 3G A1396 GSM

iPad 2 WiFi A1395

iPad 3 WiFi model A1416

iPad 3 WiFi Cellular A1403 CDMA

iPad 3 WiFi Cellular A1430 GSM

iPad 4 WiFi A1458

iPad 4 model A1459 GSM

iPad 4 version A1460 CDMA

iPad mini WiFi model A1432

iPad mini A1454 GSM

iPad mini A1455 CDMA

iPad mini 2 WiFi A1489

iPad mini 2 WiFi Cellular A1490

iPad mini 3 WiFi model A1599

iPad mini 3 A1600 CDMA

iPad mini 3 A1601 TD-LTE

iPad Air WiFi model A1474

iPad Air WiFi A1475 Cellular

iPad Air 2 WiFi

iPad Air 2 WiFi Cellular

The new version that came as a surprise to devs and users comes with some new icons, enhanced UI, simpler navigation through Emoji library, Google 2-factor authentication and support for wireless CarPlay.

After you download iOS 8.3 beta 1 you can install this .ipsw file using iTunes program. Just create a backup copy of your iPhone or other device. Launch iTunes and keep holding Shift key on Windows PC or Alt on Mac while you press on Update feature. The program will ask you to select the ipsw file for iOS 8.3 beta which you have downloaded using the links above. iTunes will restore you to this testing firmware version.

Everything is free and you don’t have to register your UDID to be able to upgrade though you will do this at your own risk.