iOS 8.4 Release Date Is June 30th And Time Is 8 AM

As it already known Apple is scheduled iOS 8.4 release date along with Apple Music on June 30th. But what it is not clear that it will be released two hours earlier than Apple’s usual launch time window for iOS updates. Apparently this is due to Apple Music and Beats 1 releasing on the same day as iOS 8.4. Former Beats Music CEO and current Apple Music senior director Ian Rogers stated that Apple wants to make sure the upgrade is as smooth as possible, hence the change in release time.

He also reminisced on the history of digital music and radio and said that seeing Apple Music on stage at WWDC he was so excited and felt like the last 20+ years was leading to that day.

Apple will start to release iOS 8.4 at 8 AM on June 30th which includes the newly revamped Music app with Apple Music support. We can see a hint on this in iOS 8.4 beta 1 you can download and try without developer account. This is earlier than the usual 10 AM release window. The change in scheduling will be in service of Beats 1, Apple’s worldwide radio station, which will start streaming from 9 AM on the same day.

In essence, Apple Music includes the same matching and uploading unrecognised songs process as iTunes Match. So to get all the features Apple users don’t have to subscribe to both Apple Music and iTunes Match.

It was also revealed by Cue that the same 25,000 song library limit will apply to Apple Music at launch as exists with iTunes Match today. Although, for iOS 9, Apple plans to raise that limit to 100,000 songs letting users to take advantage of the additional features with much larger libraries.

iOS 8.4 release date will be at 8 AM on June 30th and Apple Music will require this software update. Eddy Cue told that a new iOS 9 beta seed would add support to the service for developers currently running iOS 9.