iOS 8 iCloud Activatio Error: How to Fix / Bypass

Just as it happened with iOS 7, hackers will surely find a way how to bypass iOS 8 iCloud activation lock once this firmware becomes public. You do remember that Apple introduce a new feature called Activation Lock with its iOS 7 release in 2013. Well, this option automatically asks you for your Apple ID and password once you turn on Find My iPhone application.

iOS 8 activation error will definitely appear just like it happens to users with iOS 7, and sometimes you simply forget your passcode, especially if you don’t use it often and have different credentials for your account for the activation lock feature. Apple doesn’t reset this information so there is no other way to get through this problem [and there will be no way to fix iOS 8 iCloud activation error] rather than asking professionals for iCloud removing service and getting past the error.

Since you are using your iCloud ID and password to get past activation lock, once your order iCloud removing service you will be able to enjoy successful iOS 8 activation bypass.

How to Bypass iOS 8 iCloud Password

The companies that can help you get past the problem when you can’t remember or don’t know Apple ID and passcode [this happens when you purchase a used iPhone with clean IMEI but no information about the original owner’s credentials], you need to unlink this old iCloud account and link your personal account with your ID and password.

This data is must know as the enabled Find My iPhone and Activation Lock will ask for your ID / passcode each time you wish to disable Find My iPhone, reset, erase, reactivate your smartphone, unlock, jailbreak it etc.

Even if you have updated to iOS 7 or iOS 8 [once this firmware becomes official in 2014] from iOS 6 with Find My iPhone application being enabled, iCloud Activation Lock will be turned on automatically. It is impossible for you to distantly remove or delete it. Only professional companies can help you to solve the error and explain how to bypass iOS 8 activation.

Apple might enhance this feature in the public version of iOS 8 but there should be still a way how to fix the problem in case you come across it. Keep an eye on the major iPhone firmware update and don’t worry about anything. If you happen to not remember or have no Apple ID and passcode, everything can be fixed by professionals.