iOS 9 Picture-in-Picture Hacked DOOM Game To Run On iPhone And iPad

Developer Adam Bell has managed to hack DOOM game on iOS 9 iPhone and iPad for playing within Picture-in-Picture mode. He posted a video in which he opens apps and perform other functions on his iPad, while a demo of Doom runs in a smaller window.

After proclaiming that the iOS 9 Picture-in-Picture, which originally is developed for videos and video calling apps like FaceTime, mode is boring, Bell decided to make some entertaining experiment. He’s one of the developers who worked along Steve Troughton-Smith and Jay Freeman to get a nano file browser running natively on watchOS 2. He also known for hacking around to force the Canabalt game to run on the Apple Watch, all without the need of a jailbreak. With latest modification Bell extended the functionality of the iOS 9 Picture-in-Picture mode to et Doom to be played from within a PiP window. It should be said here that all the work was achieved utilizing entirely public APIs that Apple serves up to developers within the latest iOS SDK.

Bell said that his iPad isn’t jailbroken, and he didn’t use any kind of process injection. He also added that his method involves the use of public developer APIs, which means there’s theoretically nothing stopping developers from implementing this in their apps, however it’s unlikely Apple would approve it.

For those who missed all of the WWDC introductions last week, then Apple showed off some new features in iOS 9, including Picture-in-Picture. The functionality, which is for iPad Air 2 only and don’t allow to hack DOOM game on iOS 9 iPhone playable. Picture-in-Picture mode let users view videos and FaceTime calls in a small window while completing other tasks.

Apple launched a beta of iOS 9 to developers on June 8, and plans to seed a public beta sometime in July, with an official launch coming later in the fall. Other new features in the software include an enhanced keyboard with cursor control, and a much improved Spotlight and Siri.