iOS Security Guide Available For Everyone [Downolad]

20-page iOS security guide was released by Apple few days  ago. The document contains the best security practices applied with iOS ranges from Secure Boot Chains to remotely wiped content from iOS devices. It’s aimed at IT professionals that are expected to support Apple’s devices within corporate networks, raise their knowledge on iOS security and explain the security lacks as well as in-depth info on how to secure those mobile networks.

The content is mainly focused on the system architecture, network security, encryption and protection of data and tools for device access. The iOS security guide is worth reading even you’re not an IT professional but an average iDevice user. The language of the document is easy to understand so anyone will at least find out ‘how iOS security maintains’. Here’s the link for the free guide download:

Downolad iOS Security Guide

The guide consists of the four main parts that describe the inner structure of iOS security and gives the brief summary on its key elements. Here’s the short list of what the document contains:

  • System architecture: info about iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch secure hardware and software basics.
  • Encryption and Data protection: your device is stolen? iOS security is based on such design and architecture that allow to protect the device from attempts of unauthorized using or modifying.
  • Network security: talk about networking protocols providing secure data encryption and auth while transmission.
  • Device access: ways to disable the unwanted device use and crawling. This part will also teach you how to enable the remote wipe in case the device is stolen.

The iOS security guide will be also interesting for iOS hackers, unlockers and jailbreakers. The document explains why it’s so hard to downgrade the iOS devices to older versions (which is vital if your device is unlockable by baseband), app code signing – prevents the sidecode from executing and runtime process security. That also includes sandboxing and entitlements.

In general, it doesn’t really matter are you an iOS security expert, networking security guru, hacker or and ordinary user that had barely heard of jailbreaking – the guide will be useful for everyone who owns Apple’s device. Besides, it won’t take long to read a free 20-page guide written for you.

Have you already read it? What do you think of iOS security guide’s content? Share your thoughts with us in the comments under this article.