Is iPhone 6s Waterproof? Watch Video Test

Each new Apple smartphone is being tested by crazy heads to see how strong, protected and secure it is. The new iPhone 6s waterproof test is another way to check what can affect the 2015 model. This gadget was already dropped and bended and now it is time to perform iPhone 6s waterproof experiment.

What could happen to the iPhone 6s Plus or iPhone 6s after the gadgets spend about an hour in the water? If you decided to repeat this test – recheck if your warranty covers anything like this. You might end up having to purchase a brand new model and pay twice for the new gen device.

Is iPhone 6s Waterproof or Not?

There is a video which shows that new phones released by Apple this fall being submerged in water. The experiment lasted for about one hour. It is curious that both gadgets survived and surprised users.

Once the devices were tested afterwards [they were surely dried properly first] – it turned out that their main components were working. For example, the new 3D Touch technology wasn’t affected. The Touch screen continued responding to finger touches, speaker, headphone jack were working as well as Taptic Engine and the improved camera. Watch the video:

Apple doesn’t offer IP [waterproof] certification for its ‘s’ lineup. These models are not supposed to be used under water. The iPhone 6s and 6s Plus are not the waterproof Apple Watch so it is really astonishing that the smartphones continued working after the test.

You are not advised to repeat this test. It could take a couple of weeks to get issues and problems with the iPhones and we might see another video shared. Apple didn’t design its new gen gadgets to be tested under water so don’t dunk your handset into water as you can easily damage it.

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