iPod Touch 6G 2015 Release Brings More Storage and Other Improvements

Apple brings a new gadget to the fans of its iDevices. New iPod touch 6G release date in July caught a lot of customers by surprise. The famous company introduced a refreshed iPod touch 6 generation with big changes.

This gadget is available on the Apple Store which went down before the launch. This happens to a lot of other gadgets that cause the store outage for a while. Firstly, the new iPod touch 6G comes with A8 chipset. This is wonderful because the previous iPod touch 6G can only boast the A5 chip. It’s new ‘brother’ got the 64-bit dual-core processor and a lot of other improvements. Secondly, it has the co-processor that can track your walks, steps and elevation.

What else the new iPod touch 2015 includes? Apple updated it to have the 8MP camera [just like on the iPad Air 2] and 1GB of RAM. The bigger storage will also make users much happier as well as great WiFi connection that is very fast compared to what previous models offer.

Just like the 5-gen version, new iPod touch 6 gets the same 4-inch screen size and resolution of 1136 x 640 [you can jailbreak iOS 8.4 iPod touch using PP Jailbreak for Mac]. This hasn’t been changed by Apple. Still its new rear camera can record videos at 120fps and use burst mode to take images of the same resolution but more pixels. This means the new quality of photos.

According to the iOS giant, its new iPod touch release will interest a lot of users because it can fully charge in four hours [at the same time it can reach 80% of charging in just two hours]. Isn’t it wonderful?

The Apple Store has four variants of its iPod touch sixth generation. One is the 16GB model and the other one is 32GB version. You’ll have to pay $199 for the smaller storage space and $249 for better option. The company also released the 64GB and 128GB versions priced at $299 and $399 respectively.

The gadget comes in six colors, including blue, gold, gray, pink, red and silver.