It’s Now Possible to Modify Cydia on iOS 8.4 and 8.3

Did you know that Saurik updated Cydia to new version 1.1.19 and then 1.1.20? These are major changes that bring some new features to the now mobile Cydia iOS 8.3 and 8.4. Previous versions of this program were ‘root’ and thus they couldn’t be modified.

From now on you can customize iOS 8 Cydia to your likes and taste. Developers can create different tweaks that change the look of Cydia and make it different from what comes by default. If you want to modify Cydia iOS 8.4 you should jailbreak iPhone iOS 8.3 – 8.4 with TaiG or PP Jailbreak. Both programs support all the firmware versions starting with 8.1.3.

Beginning with version 1.1.19 Cydia has become ‘mobile’ app and not ‘root’ program. This is the main change that comes to this tool. It is possible to use Cydia Substrate tweaks and modify applications, mobile platform and Cydia.

It is cool that you don’t even need to download any extra tweaks because everything you are already using also affects Cydia. For example, its keyboards will be changed if you are already using keyboard tweak on your iOS 8 iPhone or iPad. The same thing happens to text, font, colors and backgrounds. Everything you are using can also change your store icon, features and options.

In case you downloaded a program that doesn’t let you use Cydia you can easily fix it. Turn off Cydia Substrate and reboot by turning it off, clicking on Volume and turning it on at the same time, launching Cydia, deleting the problematic app and rebooting again. Hooray! The problem is gone and you can continue using your iPhone in normal mode. This is very simple, fast and easy to do.

Developers are surely working on special tweaks for Cydia but it might take some time. Be prepared for possible issues and bugs and remember that you can solve everything without headache now.