How to Share Live Photos on iPhone 6s Guide

Users with the new Apple handsets should learn more about iPhone 6s Live Photos feature. This recent addition to the popular smartphone makes taking photos more interesting and fun. The Live Photos are pretty big in size however this doesn’t affect their coolness.

It is possible to lso share your images and animate them. We’ll explain the process of sharing to help you show your family and friends what you captured with your iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus. You might want to remember this option for holiday season.

How to Share Live Photos on iPhone 6s

Step 1. Once you take your Live Photo [it takes you about 1.5 seconds] you can animate your image and send it to people you care about.

Step 2. Select the Live Photo you want to share from your iOS 9 Camera or Photos application and do the following thing. Press on Share option. It is available for your Live Photos just as for all other images you have.

Step 3. If you wish to share your image as a still picture remember to disable the LIVE feature. It can be found next on the Live Photos icon you’ll tap. If you do not get the Live Photo share option – it means the image you are planning to share is not the Live one.

Step 4. Choose your sharing method and your picture will be send to those users you wish to impress.

You should remember one important moment about the iPhone 6s Live Photos feature. People you will get your images should have iPhone 5s, 6, 6 Plus, 6s or 6s Plus model. Those who have an earlier version of Apple smartphone will not be able to view your Live Photo.