Steve Jobs Movie Will Hit Theatres in April

Recently an official statement saying that JOBS movie with Ashton Kutcher in the lead role debut Jan. 27 during the film festival “Sundance”. It is now known that the distribution movies companies Open Road Films and Five Star Feature Film unite to distribute the film. Steve Jobs film release will appear in April.

The movie, in which a lot of attention is paid to the biographical details and views on life of Steve Jobs, has attracted much attention from the media.

Companies Open Road Films and Five Star Feature Film agreed to cooperate in the spread of the “Jobs” movie. The long-awaited picture about Steve Jobs has become one of the most revered creative entrepreneurs of the twentieth century. As previously reported, it will premiere on the closing night of “Sandeys” ceremonies. Screening of the movie to the mass will begin in April 2013. Such a declaration was made on January 3 by CEOs of companies listed above Tom Ortenberg and Mark Hulme.

The film’s director – Joshua Michael Stern, author of the script – Matthew Whiteley, master of photography, who had won the Oscar – Russell Carpenter, and produced paintings by Mark Hulme. And, as most of you already know, Steve Jobs played a famous actor Ashton Kutcher.

E. Kutcher choice for the lead role was accompanied by a lot of criticism since the announcement. Many people do not believe that Ashton Kutcher, who is best known for his comic roles, could well play those parts where Steve Jobs became CEO of Apple. At the same time, in many publications is written that Ashton Kutcher took very seriously the role.

I think that Jobs movie will be one of the awaited pictures in 2013 and people will talk a lot about this movie after its release. So, let’s wait for film and will enjoy it on April, 2013.

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