TinyUmbrella Updated to Beta 2: Save iOS 8.2 SHSH Blobs on iPhone

Notcom [Semaphore] hacker has released TinyUmbrella beta 2 program. We have already answered the question whether it is possible to downgrade using your iOS 8.1.3 or 8.2 SHSH blobs saved. The first beta has been replaced by the second one and you can download it under the build name

Before you download TinyUmbrella for iOS 8.2 [the updated version], let’s see what has been changed in this popular tool. Firstly, it has been improved from the first beta which was completely rewritten from the previous TinyUmbrella users knew. It is easier to use. Secondly, the program can now tell users if their iTunes has different architecture from the SHSH blobs saving program. In this case it is impossible to save SHSHs. Thirdly, the new build solves various previous issues and bugs experienced in beta 1.

Since it might be real to downgrade to the firmware versions you have saved blobs for, you can learn how to save iOS 8.2 SHSH blobs with the help of TinyUmbrella. As developer notes, users who have already saved iOS 8.2 or 8.1.3 blobs with the first beta of the tool don’t need to download the second beta and re-save them.

Right now you can download TinyUmbrella with 8.2 support from hacker’s official blog. Semaphore has a lot of plans for his program. He wants to update it again adding some extra features for A8 and A7 gadgets, including the on-gadget SHSH fetching.

What do you think about the most recent update?