How to Update from iOS 8 to iOS 9.0.2 If iOS 9.1 Is Out

The exploits used by iOS 9 – 9.0.2 Pangu jailbreak are patched in iOS 9.1 which you can download through direct ipsw links on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. Is it possible to avoid this upgrade if you are still on iOS 8 platform and still jailbreak? Everyting is possible if you know all the most recent Apple news.

Firstly, you can use iOS 9.0.2 jailbreak on the iDevice since Pangu supports this platform without many issues [most Pangu bugs were fixed in the program updates]. Secondly, you can follow our guide and update to iOS 9.0.2 right from iOS 8 firmware version.

Install iOS 9.0.2 on iOS 8 iPhone with iOS 9.1 Out

How to Install iOS 9.0.2 on iDevice to Jailbreak

Step 1. Use iOS 9.0.2 direct ipsw file to download it on your iPhone or other iDevice that is still running iOS 8.x firmware. Apple is still signing this version you can download it as long as the Cupertino-bsed giant doesn’t stop to sign it [this can happen any time soon].

Step 2. Once you download the firmware on your gadget you can use iTunes to install it manually.

Step 3. When you are running iOS 9.0.2 version you can jailbreak your smartphone or tablet.

Step 4. That’s it.

It is also possible to downgrade from iOS 9.1 to 9.0.2 while Apple is supporting iOS 9.0.2 by signing it.

Before you proceed with the instruction above you are advised to create a backup copy of your device. This will save all your data and information in case anything goes wrong. You don’t want to lose all your details, right?

Remember to also visit as this site shows the real-tim iOS 9.0.2 signing status. As soon as Apple stops singing it you will know and won’t try to update since you’ll fail anyways.