What to Do If Someone Hacked My iPhone?

Has someone hacked my iPhone? This question is asked by different users on Apple’s forums. The first message dates back to June 12, 2013. Now, a year later, there are still people who believe their iPhone is hacked. Is there a fix? Does Apple say anything about this problem?

The first person to write about iPhone hacked signs [applefreak77] mentioned that someone had navigated through his smartphone. The folders were opened and someone else was typing on his virtual keyboard. Nothing helped to stop this as the device didn’t react to Home button short pressing. Only the hard reset option allowed the user to turn off his iPhone 5.


Apple Support team, as user notes, couldn’t say how to fix such hacks. They only suggested the user could install iOS 7 and solve the issue by this update.

Sadly, “iphone hacked how to fix” users didn’t share any images so it’s hard to say whether everything happened in reality or not. At the same time, the most recent report from Russia [the official new from the country’s Ministry of Internal Affairs] mentions two hackers being arrested for hacking iPhones by stealing user’s Apple ID data and blackmailing them later on forcing to pay $50-$100 for giving the access to the account back.

There are a lot of guys who understand how to write the code or find the hole in Apple systems. Not all of them are kind and nice. Some can really hack your iPhone, steal your personal information and blackmail you.

If you believe someone is tracking you, deleting your information, making calls or using your data for their purposes, you should contact Apple, update to the most recent iOS and not jailbreak your device as this is another way for hackers to access your account.

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