A lot of people wish to get their hands on the next Apple A8 chip specs produced by the company for its new lines of iOS devices, iPhone and iPad. The report is shared by TSMC firm responsible for the creation of these new-gen processors. The Taiwan partner of the Cupertino-based tech company doesn’t give us a full A8 chip review, still we can learn some things from expectations, rumors and predictions. The start point for making microchips [Apple A8 chip for iPhone] is February 2014. Apple A8 Chip Specs Users are curious to learn what Apple A8 processor speed is to be like. They also wish to read the full real and official A8 chip review but right now everything we can say based on rumors is that this detail will be used in the iPhone 6, the release of which is predicted for September 2014. The detailed Apple A8 specs [specifications] are not shared with public. Everyone keeps secrets about this product as it is the next lineup of the popular iOS devices that are purchased by millions customers from different countries. Apple A8 Chip Specs Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. from Taiwan produces Apple A8 processor for iPhone 6 and new iPad Air, as rumors suggest. A8 Processor without Samsung Previous iOS processor partner Samsung doesn’t work with Apple on its next-generation A8 chip production for iPhone, iPad Air, iPad and other devices. Most of the manufacturing is given to TSMC. Apple chip A8 might be present in the upcoming gen of smartphones and tablets. We’ll surely know more about the A8 processor speed and other tech details in 2014. Maybe WWDC conference will share more information about the iPhone 6, iOS 8 and Apple A8 processor for mobile devices.