There are interesting Android iOS 9 inspired features that were borrowed from Apple iPhone devices. The platform is known as Android N and it is meant for some Nexus gadgets. Well this firmware has some curious options. When you look at Android feature vs iPhone options you’ll see some curious things that are so ‘fruit’ like. Of course, Android N brings other features a well. iOS Inspired Android Features 2016 Still Android iOS features are not exactly what you get when you purchase Apple smartphone. We should say that the Cupertino-based giant also borrows some curious and interesting options from Google to bring to iPhone users. People like to have enhanced and innovative features so all the major companies have to follow the trends. Firstly, you can get split-view multitasking option. This feature appeared on iOS 9 to help enhance the iPad models. Google brings the option to Android N and it is very similar to what iPhone users get. Secondly, Google borrowed picture in picture mode which makes it possible to run applications on top of watching video movies. It’s a nice addition to any mobile platform. The company also tried to improve battery life however it didn’t exactly bring Low Power mode. It created opportunities for minimum CPU usage. Apple users really enjoy the fact that they can save battery life and have a working smartphone when they really need it. It’s curious to learn what iOS 10 firmware could look like. This next major update will be officially introduced in early June. Apple will be organizing WWDC 2016 event and this is when developers and public beta testers should get the first view of the next operating system version.