What is Apple 3D Touch technology that is used on the new generation iPhones? How to use it? All these questions will soon be answered by each customer who pre-orders the iPhone 6s or 6s Plus now or is going to purchase one of these models on September 25 when they both go on sale in Apple retail stores in the U.S. and across the world. The new iPhone 6s 3D Touch option is different from the Force Touch used in Apple Watch and some Macs. This new 2015 option is also one of the major iPhone 6s features offered to potential ‘fruit’ giant customers who are planning to upgrade to a newer smartphone and wish to get something unique that really stands out. Apple is trying to introduce something brand new in each iPhone model to keep customer’s attention and interest for high handset demand. It unveiled Siri with iPhone 4S, presented Touch ID with iPhone 5S, brought new design and bigger screen with iPhone 6 and now introduces 3D Touch for iPhone 6s / 6s Plus. This is a brand new interaction way for ‘fruit’ users. The multitouch technology has been developed for many years to be released in 2015. This year’s phones can detect the pressure you are using while tapping or clicking on the screen. This opens new opportunities for users and should make the iPhone experience unbelievably simple. All the information is obtained from your touch sensor and the special accelerometer. The next iOS 9 firmware version also focuses on this technology making it easier to navigate and work inside applications. You can tab, click and press hard. You new gen phone will distinguish between all these light and deeper press gestures and provide more ways to interact with the smartphone and do your everyday tasks. This feature will absolutely come to all future phones however Apple has already introduced it in 2015. Are you planning to get the ‘s’ device?