Customers who live in India can now lease iPhone SE model. This is the most recent iPhone version presented by Apple this spring. It’s a smaller device if compared to iPhone 6s and 6s Plus and it arrives with 4-inch screen. At the same time it’s a powerful gadget that arrives with some interesting features and has a nice price. iPhone leasing program India has been corporated by Apple in order to boost local sales of iPhones. It is possible to lease iPhone SE in India and pay off its price within the next 24 months. You’ll have to pay $15 per month to get this deal. This is similar to Rs. 999 / month cost which you must cover each month for the next 2 years. iPhone SE Apple Leasing Program It is interesting that iPhone SE leasing programis now offered to Indian customers only. Besides, you can also lease iPhone 6s or iPhone 6 [here is iPhone SE vs iPhone 6s comparison]. Of course, these models are priced higher. You will have to pay Rs. 1,199 / month for iPhone 6 and Rs. 1,399 per month for iPhone 6s. This way the ‘fruit’ giant wants to attract consumers who are big fans of the iPhone but are not willing to spend much on this expensive brand. Not any customer can get the deal. Apple created this programto corporate members only. The program is an interesting way to promote iPhones in this country and the Cupertino based giant is doing everything to attract more foreign users.