As it turned out, Apple is now investigating a series of Wi-Fi-related issues on the iPad of the third generation. It was stated in an internal AppleCare document. I think, there is no need to remind you, that since Apple’s iPad 3 launch, a lot of people were dissatisfied with the condition of the new model. For instance, one man was comparing the work of his laptop’s Wi-Fi to the third iPad’s one, which also belonged to him. He stated, that the Wi-Fi signals were much too different. He couldn’t search internet with such a weak signal on his new iPad. Here is another complaint. The man gave his wife the first-generation iPad and step away from her on 3 meters with the new iPad version. What is really interested, the 1-st iPad worked perfectly and the new one showed only 1 or maybe two bars. He also said:
near the router I get over 10 mb downloads; 20 feet away I get .2 mb downloads.
Well, and there were just amounts of such complaints on different forums. Well, but that’s not the reason to make negative conclusions about all the Apple products. Third-gen iPads, are the only gadgets, from this series, which have some issues either with Wi-Fi, or charging etc. If you take, for example, iPad 4G LTE, you won’t find any kind of these problems there. The device has extra network power allowed by the black rubber. And to end it up this story in a positive manner, I’d like to say, that Apple promised to replace affected units in the new  iPad. Apple uses such word as “Captured”, which means, that these affected devices will be packed up and shipped to the Apple’s services. There the specialists will examine and investigate the trouble devices and include some accessories (charging adapter and USB cord).