While Apple solve iPad 3 charging problem, they also continue development in whole world. After great release iBooks in USA there is some great news about launch iBooks in Brazil. As reported by Brazilian website Veja, Apple is on the verge of launching iBooks in Brazil market in the month of April. Apple has been very ambitious in rolling out services and products to Latin America, which means this makes perfect sense. Also of note, this might put Apple out in front of Amazon in this market. While Amazon is generally viewed as the first choice in the eBook area, this might help turn the hold worldwide in Apple’s favor. Apple’s partnership with publishers outside and inside of the US will make their offerings more powerful to each target audience. We are sure Apple really wants to appear in a world where they can start physical and electronic goods in every corner and cranny around the world at the same time. There are lots of growing markets like China, India, and Brazil that Apple would need to be pretty unaware to leave away from its long-term plans. Tim Cook can easily see the writing on the wall that the exclusivity of The United States and Europe in the realm of a digital is slipping fast. To be truthful, this means excellent achievements for humanity as well as Apple’s wallets. What do you think about launching iBooks in Brazil? Is Apple conducting a good job globalizing? What could they be doing better? To say truth, I think this is a great news about launch of iBooks in Brazil. It is a great decision to help more poor country to develop and produce innovative technology. But still there are some problems. Even if iBooks in Brazil will be released, a big part of brazilians cannot afford such expensive things