Users who experienced the Apple Safari problem will get the fix soon. The company has found and presented the solution in the new OS X El Capitan version for Macs. There was an issued with Twitter links that seemed to be broken in Safari browser. This bug has been addressed. Users will get Apple Safari fix soon. Right now the issue is gone in the new beta of OS X El Capitan version 10.11.4. If you are a developer you can download OS X 10.11. 4 beta 3 and make sure that the broken Twitter links are now fixes when you are using Safari. The issue as related to shortened links only. Safari Twitter Broken Shortened Links Fix OS X The bug was first noticed in November 2015. This was when a lot of Safari users [learn how to close all Safari tabs at once on iOS 9] figured out that when they were following the shortened link the web page wouldn’t open at all or an empty page would appear. Some Mac owners even got the endlessly loading page but no one could get to the correct destination. The shortened Twitter link bug is solved in OS X El Capitan beta 3. The public version of 10.11.4 platform should arrive soon. If you cannot upate to the new beta [this is not recommended for users who are not testing beta software] you should either wait for the official OS X El Capitan 10.11.4 release or fix the problem by reloading the page a couple of times. It should be a temporary fix but if it works, it’s great. Users can also try to clear their browser cache or delete the https part of the URL. Another trick is to switch to a different browser.