Apple Watch users can check iPhone battery charge right on their smartwatch. This way there is no need to take the handset and look up its battery level. It’s simple and easy for all the fans of Apple devices. The ‘fruit’ company makes everything possible to simplify the interaction between the iPhone and Apple Watch. You are able to check your messages, use some programs and get to settings right on your wrist without the need to take the phone out of your pocket. Check iPhone Battery Level on Apple Watch How To

How to Check iPhone Battery on Apple Watch

Since it is impossible to check the iPhone battery from Apple Watch without tricks – we’ll share some tips with you that help achieve this goal. Step 1. Search for the Power – Glance application on iTunes. It costs $1.99. Download and install it on your smartwatch. You can do this by opening Apple Watch application on iPhone- find Power – Glance program in the list of applications – access the app settings and choose the feature called ‘show App on Apple Watch’ along with ‘show in Glances’ – this way you’ll activate the app on your smartwatch. Step 2. With the application installed you can see your iPhone battery life right on the Apple Watch face. Step 3. The app only shows your battery level and does nothing more. But this is exactly what you wanted to do. The program is simple and is comes without additional features. It’s basically the way to check and control your iPhone battery charge from your wrist. Step 4. When you wish to know how much battery life your iPhone has you should only raise your wrist and look in Glance. Isn’t it fun?