Apple Watch bands 2016 designs should get some interesting Coach bands versions. There are some rumors about this accessory and we’ll be happy to share some possible facts about the upcoming product launch. There are rumors about Apple Watch nine straps bands coming out this fall [learn how to install watchOS 2.2]. The accessories should be designed by Coach. At least this is what is rumored by this designer. The so-called samples of the possible Coach bands [only rumors about possible products] show the accessory priced at $150. This price tag is also only rumored. Coach Apple Watch Nine Straps Bands 2016 Rumor There is no official confirmation from Coach and its manufactured bands for Apple Watch. We don’t know the real cost and official launch date. There were earlier reports about possible presentation of the nine straps smartwatch bands in June 2016. Now sources mention the fall release. There should be nine bands. One possible option is Saddle that could be in brown, red black and white [here are some rumors about Apple Watch Space Black model]. There should be also some charms available and stitching. Coach could sell its accessories manufactured for Apple at $150 per band. There is a curious ‘leaked’ image that points to May or June presentation. The official release could possibly happen in the fall. By the way this is when the Cupertino-based giant is expected to present new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, iOS 10 and other ‘fruit’ devices and Apple upgrades. There should be also Apple Watch 2 introduction sometimes in 2016 [if Apple doesn’t postpone the release to 2017].