Apple plans to postpone the release of iPhone 5S at the end of the year due to changes in the design of display screen. According to The Commercial Times, the Cupertino have decided to increase the screen size of the flagship phone, which should amount to 4.3 inches instead of four as previously thought. iPhone 5S release was to be held in September-October 2013, but Tim Cook has decided to postpone the debut of the model, writes The Commercial Times. As for the budget version, the so-called iPhone Light, its release schedule has not changed - the start of sales, as stated, is scheduled for October. On the eve of publication told that Apple is forced to reduce the supply of the next generation iPhone due to problems with components. It has been reported that deliveries in the first months of new items will be lower due to the low yield of chips for fingerprint recognition system for the LCD.

iphone 5 4.3 inch screenAccording to numerous reports in the media, iPhone 5S should get display technology with IGZO, chip NFC, fingerprint sensor, 2 GB of RAM, 12-megapixel camera and a processor with a clock speed of 1.6 GHz.

Although, according to the correspondents The Commercial Times, the display information on the increase iPhone 5S Retina screen came from a trusted source of information that previously proved reliable, the message is still regarded as a rumor and wait for the official announcement. Apple representatives have not yet commented on this information.