In this tutorial I will explain you how to auto install .deb files on your jailbroken iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch using iFile in Windows. This method is really simple and all the operations can be performed within minutes. How to Auto Install Deb Files First of all, you need your iDevice to be jailbroken. To perform a jailbreak of your device you can read instructions placed here. If you are already jailbroken follow these instructions:

How to auto install Deb Files to your iDevice:

Step One: Launch Cydia and download iFile. You can download paid version from BigBoss repo or cracked one from Step Two: Install iFile by finding it Cydia. Step Three: Launch iFile Step Four: Download the .deb file to your computer and start SSH connection Step Five: Put the .deb file somewhere in your iPhone filesystem Step Six: Find it through iFile, tap on it and choose Installer from the menu Step Seven: The file will be installed, all you have to do after that is to respring

How to Auto Install Deb Files 1

This method is actually pretty easy as it doesn't involve reboot and Mobile Terminal usage. However, there's another way to auto install a .deb file to your device without SSH connection. For this you need to perform the same steps as shown in the instruction above but instead of running SSH connection just open link with .deb file in your browser and tap on it. If you have iFile installed it will offer you to run Installer app as well. If for some reasons you can't open the desired link in Safari, then simply download the .deb to your PC and upload it to your email or just email the link. After that run the Mail app on you device, find the mail with the file or link and tap Open in iFile. After that click install. That's it, the file is installed!