Are you tired of politics? Some users start to wonder ‘How do I block content on Safari?’ as they are too tired of constant political coverage in the U.S. Great news! You are able to block any topic in your iOS 9 Safari browser on iPhone and iPad [if you are using this browser on Mac here is the fix to Safari Mac issue]. Learn how you can manage this. There is once content blocker you can take advantage of and all politics will disappear from your browser while you are surfing the web via Safari. This works on both iPad and iPhone running iOS 9 Apple mobile firmware version. Block Political Content iOS 9 iPhone Safari

How to Block Content on Safari

Step 1. There is no need to pay for an opportunity to block content Safari iPhone since there is a free application you can download and use. It is called Politics Filter and you can get it from App Store. Step 2. Install the app. This program will filter your links and block everything related to politics. There will be no images, sites and links in Safari if you try this tool. Step 3. Go to Settings and choose Safari on iPhone [learn how to block ads on Safari iPhone]. Step 4. Select General menu and you will see Content Blockers there. Step 5. Turn on Politics Filter in your Content Blockers menu. This way iPhone Safari block content feature will work with everything that mentions politicians or politics news. Filter will start working once enabled and you will see no politics text, links and images. Isn’t it cool?