You're probably familiar with the situation when you return home after a hard day and notice that you left your iPhone somewhere. You can't even remember where is it: at the office, at the gym, in the cafe or somewhere else. Don't panic, you can easily find your iPhone with Cerebro app from Cydia (yes, your device has to be jailbroken for that). Cerebro app detects and records your GPS position, tracks your iPhone, and does much more interesting things.

Cerebro App Features:

The Cerebro app sends GPS coordinates of your device to a server once in 30 minutes. CerebroDemon app is a fast, memory saving daemon which launches in the background. Live Updates and Sonar use push notifications to tell Cerebro to either update constantly or play a song from your music library.

Cerebro iphone tracking

Those features help your device use less resources, sleep longer and save battery life. The app stores your data only temporarily. That means as soon as your previous location becomes obsolete, all the info about it will be deleted.
The company that developed this app believes that only you should own your data and even the fact that the data is transmitted from your iPhone to Cerebro's servers shouldn't mean that someone gives it away. It's only yours. The developers also do their best to keep different hackers away from your data in any possible way, including data encryption. Cerebro also makes sure to delete location data.
This app is a free solution to track your iPhone without Mobile Me. You can pull up maps on both a laptop and on another iPhone to locate it. It also has a "Cerebro Sonar" function which will play a random iPod track at full volume so you can find your iPhone under the couch cushions. If you want to send a message to it, the website allows you to type a message which comes up as a push notification.

Cerebro app logo

How to install Cerebro App?

  • Jailbroken iDevice
Step 1: First of all, run Cydia, proceed to “Manage->Sources” and add the source to your repository as shown below.
Step 2: Then click on that repo and install Cerebro to your iPhone. You might have to respring after you install Cerebro to see the icon. Open the app and follow the registretion instructions. Register at