Signal is a new Cydia application for the iPhone 4, 3GS and also 3G which shows all the information of cell towers near you on a map in excellent detail. It is an awesome little application that you may possibly have always wanted but never got. So, the following discription will tell you more about this amazing iPhone app. Signal is a great utility app developed by iPhone Dev Team members actually planetbeing that shows detailed information about the cell tower your iPhone is connected to and even neighbouring cells. The application finds and maps the place of all local cell towers in order for the user to easily get a good idea of their cellular coverage as well as where to go so as to get the best cellphone reception. In addition to the free iPhone carrier unlock that planetbeing has helped to produce, a user can change SIM cards and find out which carrier is perfect for him or her according to cellular coverage. Aside from that the map, other helpful technical information is shown including RSCP (signal strength) in dBm and also Ec/N0 (signal quality) to all neighbours, the PSC of the cells, plus the frequency each cell is broadcasting in. Signal iPhone App However, some users of Signal iPhone app have questions, and the most popular question is “How come there are only a few lines when I open Signal?” If your iPhone is in 3G mode, it will take a while before Signal can find out where they are located and draw them on the map. Leave the app on for a couple of hours or just take your iPhone on a walk and it should "learn" the locations of the cells faster. In case you turn off 3G mode, you can easily find the location of local 2G towers. A much more technical answer is that for UMTS, cell ID isn't decoded from the layer 3 data which means this info is not available without modifying the baseband firmware. Nevertheless, as the iPhone camps on more and more nearby cells, it'll learn how to connect a cell ID with a certain downlink frequency and also main scrambling code inside a locality. This allows it to know the location area code as well as cell ID for UMTS neighbor cells that it has connected with before and be able to plot them on the map. And so the next time you are in town, and you wish to strip down the cell tower info, Signal iPhone app will be your best choice. It is an excellent tool if you want to look for good reception, or just want to know any sort of info about the cell towers around you, to know which tower you're connected to. There is good news! Signal iPhone app is cracked and you can download it in two ways: from Cydia, by adding this repo: or just using this link and enjoy this app. Instructions :
  • copy downloaded content in to /Applications folder so you can reach your app by navigating into:
cd /Aplicattions/
  • then change the Signal app folder setting to 0755, you can do that by typing into terminal:
chmod 755
  • change the Signal file inside the folder to 0777
chmod 777 Signal