How do I check my data usage on Verizon iPhone or AT&T iPhone 4 and 5 as well as iOS 8.4.1 iPhones? I hear these questions from my friends. It is so important to know your data usage nowadays when all carriers stopped offering real unlimited data plans and provide particular data allotment per month. This becomes extremely important for heavy data users who don’t like to pay extra for overusing their limit. The instruction on how to check data usage on iPhone AT&T and Verizon could be handy to such users. Everything is fast and there is nothing difficult about this guide. You can choose one of the methods that looks simpler to you and help yourself.

How to Check Ho Much data Used on iPhone AT&T

Step 1. Visit the official AT&T site. Step 2. Log into the account you have with this mobile operator. Step 3. You should go to Bills and Payments and choose Create Billing Report. Step 4. Choose Data Usage Trend option that provides all the details about your data usage. There is a different iPhone check data usage method. Here is how to check data usage on iPhone 5 AT&T and iPhone 4 Verizon: Step 1. Take your smartphone and go to Settings. Step 2. Select General option and go to Usage – Cellular Usage menu. Step 3. Find Cellular Data Usage where your details can be found. You’ll have to reset your Current Period every new billing cycle otherwise the information you’ll see in this menu won’t match your monthly data usage. This is rather simple to do if you head over to the bottom of this menu and press on Reset every first day of your new billing month. You should also double check your data plan every time to know how much you have used and still have to use since Settings don’t provide details about your monthly limit. iPhone 4 check data usage as well as iPhone 5 AT&T / Verizon details can be found through another method which is probably the easiest and most accurate one. AT&T iPhone Users’ Guide: Step 1. Take your smartphone. Step 2. Dial *Data# and click on “Send” option. Step 3. Wait for the text message from your carrier. This SMS will show you how much data you have already used and monthly limit you have. Verizon iPhone Users’s Guide: Step 1. Verizon users should take their handset. Step 2. Dial #DATA and select ‘Send” feature. Step 3. Your mobile operator will text you with the details about your new billing cycle and data usage. All iPhone users can also download the special application offered by their U.S. carrier [My AT&T app if you are subscribed to AT&T and My Verizon program if you are using Verizon network]. Install the tool and launch it to get accurate information about data usage vs. monthly limit. This is very quickly and you can see everything you wanted to know about your data usage. Checking data usage through SMS or application is the most accurate way to keep an eye on your data allotment and monthly spending.