Apple Innovation history is pretty interesting. The company managed to create one of the most popular smartphones in the world. Apple iPhone is recognized in most countries across the globe but some experts believe that Apple innovation strategy is becoming too slow. As noted by Chinese LeEco CEO Jia Yueting, the ‘fruit’ giant is experiencing slower sales and this is the result of ‘extremely slow’ innovation. The expert from China is sure that that release of small 4-inch iPhone SE is a big mistake made by Apple. Why? He is sure that this device has a new philosophy while customers are used to Apple previous vision of what is the best for them. Apple Innovation Slow 2016 Expert Thoughts LeEco is often called ‘Chinese Netflix’ however this company has many different businesses and reminds of Amazon. Its main focus is internet and still this firm announced smartphones without headphone jacks. Apple at the same time is mainly focused on software and hardware development. The words about Apple innovation slow motion cannot affect the iPhone sales. LeEco has other focuses and the Cupertino-based giant is well-known for its mobile devices and hardware / software products. Chinese CEO is sure that Apple offers obsolete gadget design however the focus on individual applications cannot be a good business nowadays, Yueting believes. No matter what others say about Apple this company is now extremely popular in China. Chinese market has become the iPhone’s second biggest market for the ‘fruit’ company no mater how ‘slow innovation has become.’ Apple is believed to be working on the next iPhone 7. This bigger smartphone if compared to iPhone SE should bring some nice features to attract customers. Are you looking forward to iPhone 7 official release this fall?