What is CloseEnhancer Cydia app? This is a jailbreak tweak that allows you to close your apps in various ways. It replaces boring built-in app closing method delivered by native iOS. Are you bored of double-tapping the Home button, then holding your finger on one of the app running in the background waiting for it to wiggle? Then CloseEnhancer Cydia app is just for you. CloseEnhancer Cydia App The app has various settings as Close Type. That means that you can close running apps with folowing moves:
  • Double Tap
  • Swipe Up
  • Long Press
Close box appearance:
  • Red '-' - usual for standard appearance
  • Black 'x' - more hacker-like view
Hold Home Button to close all: closes all running apps. As for me this option is not very comfy as you can mess up with pressing Home button until you get used to it. Besides it doesn't work that well.
Double Click Home Button to close last App: needed only for special tricks. You need to get used to this as well.
It's really a simple app that allows you to close apps in more comfortable way and variety of different methods. CloseEnhancer Cydia app is not a lifesaving tweak, an it won't change your iPhone user experience dramatically. As for me it is one of those tweaks that makes navigation a bit easier just like FastLock Cydia tweak for getting app shortcuts on your lockscreen or VoiceMailKiller that removes built-in Voicemail App and adds Groups tab to native Phone app. It can't compete with such modifying monsters as Springtomize 2 which can turn your SpringBoard into something pimped and furious just as spaceship control panel. It's not a joke, check it.
To get this cute tiny Cydia app go to Cydia and search for CloseEnhancer. It's completely free and definitely worth trying. Let us know what you think about it in the comment section below.