Can the two latest Apple smartphone compete with each other? Look at iPhone SE vs iPhone 6s and you’ll know which model is better to purchase. Take into consideration your personal desires as smaller / bigger screen and number of unique features can play big difference. Can’t it? If you get a quick look at both iPhones you might think that the 4-inch model is a great replacement for iPhone 6s however iPhone 6s and iPhone SE durability test shows that the more expensive model is better to get when it comes to various obstacles and life situations. iPhone SE vs iPhone 6s Durability Test When there was knife / hammer test performed on iPhone SE screen it turned out that this display is better than other screens Apple produces. However if you drop, dunk in water, throw or bend your handset you will notice how easily it will ‘die.’ If you need a durable handset with multiple options you should pay attention to iPhone 6s running iOS 9.3 or other firmware version. If you ever drop your iPhone Se into water it would be bricked within a minute or two. You might lose audio support at first and get a brick in your hands. At the same time the iPhone 6s can survive deep in the water for much longer in case you ever drop it. Thrown or dropped iPhone Se will get numerous scuffs on the frame. The iPhone 6s would get less damage if you drop it. In other words, there is a reason why Apple’s 6s line is more expensive than iPhone SE. It is more durable than cheaper gadget.