iOSOpenDev tool offers new possibilities for creating jailbreak tweaks for iPhone and iPad. The utility allows the developers to create third-party apps using Xcode package. The Xcode is originally utilized for creating official iOS and Mac OS X applications but was also used as a core of iOSOpenDev. The community of Cydia developers created tweaks and software for jailbroken devices for years and used to be at the Cydia developers Olympus. There was only small portion of guides on the net and only the most talented and experienced developers could release tweaks for Cydia that worked fine with iOS. iOSOpenDev release changed the whole picture pretty much as the new installer includes Xcode templates that allow developing of jailbreak tools in familiar and comfortable environment.


The iOSOpenDev tool includes following templates:

  • Action Menu plugin.
  • Activator Listener.
  • Assistant Extension.
  • Command-line tool.
  • Dynamic Library.
  • Notification Center Widget.
  • SBSettings Toggle.
  • Substrate Tweak.
What do you need to run the tool:
  • Mac OS X 10.6.x or 10.7.x
  • Xcode 4.x
  • dpkg — provides dpkg-deb for building Debian packages. Those can be installed with help of MacPorts  (

To download current (1.2-2) version of iOSOpenDev - go to official site.

The detailed process of installation and creating packages is shown on the video: On exit you will get the .deb files that can be uploaded to a Cydia repo or installed to iOS. The hackers community has mixed thoughts about the tool existence. Anyway it will help some of the inexperienced developer wanna-bes to create a Cydia software. Let's hope it won't be too commonplace. The iOSOpenDev opens incredible possibilities for creating Cydia tweaks. If you were developing tweaks for the main jailbreak store before, you probably know that the task is not that easy and fast to complete. The new tool is a really powerful tool for lots of people with a desire to compile something for Cydia but without sufficient skills and experience.