Do you have iPhone and Apple Watch? Does Apple Watch count steps? Absolutely! You should just learn how to view step count on Apple Watch and you’ll be able to do exercises and let your smartwatch count the steps for you whenever you are planning to take a walk. Apple is using the heart rate monitor that can measure burnt calories or help you count the steps. This is useful when you are planning to lose weight or just wish to live a healthy lifestyle. The little watch device becomes handy when it comes to accurate measurement of what you are doing at the moment. Apple Watch View Step Count

Apple Watch Step Count Guide

Step 1. Take your Apple Watch. It should be on your wrist. Step 2. Open Activity program. This can be done in different ways [you can already install beta watchOS 2.2.1 on your Apple Watch]. If the app is on your Watch face you can click on it and it will be launched. You can also tap your Digital Crown and get to your Home screen to open the application. Step 3. Once you launched the tool you should either go to Activity app Home screen or Activity view section. Step 4. Scroll down till you see step count option near Total Steps. Scrolling is possible with Digital Crown or user’s finger. Step 5. That’s pretty much it. Apple didn’t make step counting display for simpler checking. There are some free apps similar to StepCard that offer more possibilities. You can search for different real-time step counting extras for your Watch and make it easier to keep a track of your exercises. Are you using Apple Watch as a part of your weight loss plan or not?