Apple offers watchOS 2.2.1 download together with iOS 9.3.2 public update for iPhone and other iDevices. All iPhone users who decide to install the latest operating system on their handset can also get the most recent firmware update for their smartwatch. You can install watchOS 2.2.1 right away and get some fixes to known issues, problems and bug on your wearable. Apple was testing this update for a while. Previous watchOS 2.2 was presented to public nearly two months ago, at the end of March. The current 2.2.1 update is minor just as iOS 9.3.2 which is also not a major upgrade for users. Download watchOS 2.2.1 Apple Watch Firmware Update You can download watchOS 2.2.1 which was tested for a while to avoid possible bugs and issues during public release. Mainly this operating system for Apple Watch focuses on bug fixes and other behind-the-scenes improvements. Users should get slightly improved OS and no major changes. How to install watchOS 2.2.1 on your Apple Watch [there are rumors about Apple offering new 2016 bands for Apple Watch]? This is extremely easy, simple and fast. But you have to be sure to run iOS 9.3.2 before you decide to update on your wearable. Otherwise you will fail installing the new watchOS. Take your iPhone and launch the Watch app on it. You need to select General menu and select Software Update. You need to have full battery life on your smartwatch or have it charged while updating.