There are a lot of different dual SIM smartphones in the market today, but if you are a big fan of Apple you might be in love with the iPhone only. If this is your situation you will be happy to hear about a special SIM+ case that turns iPhone 5 into dual SIM smartphone. The case hasn’t been developed yet. Designers are working on this accessory that could be handy to all travelers allowing changing SIM cards with ease. The case is being created by Digirit. It looks like the back cover for the fruit device that fits over the gadget back and into its SIM slot. Designers are making their accessory the way so that it could replace iPhone 5 standard SIM tray with external porting for two SIM cards.


Digirit is adding its software to the iPhone case making it simple to switch between the SIMs with the smartphone being turned on. There will be no need to take your native SIM card out and insert another one. Doesn’t it sound cool? Right now the case is promised for iPhone 5 owners. Still the company might release the similar dual SIM accessory for the iPhone 5c and 5S too. We are sure that businessmen and traveler will enjoy the idea of using one Apple handset instead of two phones. The case is available for pre-orders but its official release is scheduled for the beginning of 2014. The innovation should have the back plate from aluminum. It should serve both as the dual SIM accessory and protective iPhone case. The company assures all the pre-orders will be received if at least 727 cases are to be pre-ordered with each case being priced at $55. Users who wish to contribute can visit and read everything from there. What do you think about such an accessory? Is it worth spending $55 for a dual SIM iPhone 5?