So you have jailbroken iPhone and you've decided to clean it up by erasing everything on it. You go to the Settings->General->Reset, tap Erase All Content And Settings and confirm your intentions by tapping Erase iPhone button. Then you wait for the process to complete, progress bar goes as usual and then - oops - it doesn't reboot. When you try to turn it on it just displays the Apple logo and doesn't even connect to iTunes. OH SHI-! WHAT JUST HAPPENED? Erase All Content And Settings On jailbroken devices Erase All Content And Settings function as well as Reset All Settings causes your device to perform a full restore. That situation occurs because of the jailbreaking process. The jailbreak replaces and reorganizes some of your device's files in order to let Cydia and other jailbreak-only apps and tweaks manage your phone's filesystem. So Erase All Content And Settings and Reset All Settings cause removing of key filesystem files instead of just cleaning settings or content. That means that your device loses its iOS. If the device shows Apple sign and then turns off completely read the how-to below. To bring your iPhone back to life perform these simple steps:
  • Plug in your iPhone to your computer via USB cable
  • Launch iTunes (if it doesn't start automatically)
  • Don't be afraid if iTunes doesn't detect your device, just click and hold home and power button for about 30 seconds
  • After that you will get the Connect to iTunes screen on your device
  • Then (your computer must be connected to the internet) you will be able to restore your iPhone as usual and be able to use it again
Just a short video that describes the process: This is how you actually fix the Erase All Content And Settings problem on a jailbroken iPhone. By the way, it can happen to iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad any iOS and generation so the treatment method would be applicable for any iDevice as well. Comment below, subscribe to our Twitter, FB, YouTube channel and just let us know if something goes wrong or if you have any questions.