What to do if you have problems with your iTunes, Windows or you suddenly have some HTTP Errors? Error-O-Pedia Cydia Tweak comes for the rescue! That's a really useful Cydia tweak for Siri. The last month was pretty quiet if we speak about Cydia tweaks for Siri but now we have yet another nice tool developed by Krishna Sagar. error-o-pedia cydia app Don't look at the app's weird name as it's really useful tweak that turns Siri into a source for explanation of many common error codes one can get in iTunes, Windows or HTTP. The tweak basically redirects Siri to the database of error codes and allowing Siri users to ask the assistant about different error issues. This is a nice solution but it doesn't stop there and goes a little further. It permits Siri voice assistant to answer the given questions and offer fixes and solutions to the errors it was asked for. The main Error-O-Pedia's advantage is the ability to give a strict and clear answer when Google search fails to do so after looking for those error messages. Error-O-Pedia-for-Siri-Cydia

Error-O-Pedia Cydia tweak main features:

Error-O-Pedia Cydia tweak can get info that includes solutions for iTunes errors, Windows problems and HTTP calls. Good news for jailbreakers and unlockers: it also includes all the error codes that can appear during device restoring or upgrading through the iTunes together with some error codes that are hard to find on the web. As the app uses AssistantExtensions framework (as any Cydia tweak for Siri) so in order to start chatting user has to give the command 'Let's Chat' and ask questions after that. You are free to ask about any error codes by saying them in format: iTunes error + error # or HTTP error + error # and so on. Error-O-Pedia works well and provides precise and relevant info for those errors. You can download it from MacCiti repo for $1.00. Check our other Cydia tweaks and Siri tweaks to get most of your iPhone.