Since the beginning of jailbreaking culture in 2007, the jailbreaking community has changed into a large community. The community has been getting a lot more systematic and organized as time has progressed. The community of jailbreakers has now been organizing various international conferences as well. A jailbreakers conference is held every year which is attended by a great number of experts, hackers and even iOS device users. Update: Latest news claims that we will see untethered jailbreak for iOS 5.1.1 at HITB security conference. Now, Europe’s HITB Security Conference, which is held every year, has unveiled the first ever gathering of the jailbreak ‘dream team’ in order to present at HITBSecConf2012 in Amsterdam from May 24-25 at the Okura Hotel. Such famous hackers as p0sixninja, pod2g and pimskeks from the Chronic Dev Team, together with plantbeing and MuscleNerd from iPhone Dev Team will be present at the conference. Here is what MuscleNerd covered on the presentation:
Baseband ROP: Overview of the role ROP plays in software unlocks like yellowsn0w and ultrasn0w. Comparison to ROP on the main Application-side CPU (jailbreaks). Why ROP wasn’t even necessary on the first generation of iPhones. Software Unlocks vs. Hardware Unlocks: How iPhone software unlocks differ from those using hardware SIM interposers. Which layers of the baseband are exposed to each, and how the exploit development environment differs. Description of even more radical hacks like baseband chipset retrofitting and what Apple has done to prevent them. iPhone4 DEP: How Apple implemented DEP with specific hardware changes on the iPhone4 baseband, and what went wrong. How ultrasn0w was made to work despite aggressive hardware-based DEP. Operating Systems: So far, Apple has used 3 completely different baseband operating systems in the iPhone line. Description of which parts Apple tends to customize and why. Comparison of past and present custom command parsing. Infineon vs. Qualcomm: Discussion of the transition from Infineon baseband chipsets to Qualcomm chipsets. Comparison of the older serial-based AT interface (still used on many other handsets) to the USB-based QMI used by the iPhone4S. Activation Tickets: Detailed description of the “activation ticket” Apple uses to authorize use with specific (or all) carriers. How activation tickets interact with the traditional PIN-based NCK codes. Contrasting activation tickets and baseband tickets. Baseband Tickets: Details on how Apple authenticates software updates to the baseband. Comparison of baseband tickets to “ApTickets” that Apple now uses on the main Application CPU to control software changes. Why baseband tickets provide even strong protection than ApTickets. The role of nonces in both the baseband and main application CPU. iPhone4S: What we’ve learned so far about the iPhone4S baseband. Overview of changes Apple has made to the original Qualcomm bootrom. How the iPhone4S baseband boot process differs from most other Qualcomm-based handsets. Which features the iPhone4S baseband has in common with other handsets and which have been removed. Description of the current attack surfaces, and comparing iPhone4 vs iPhone4S hardware-based protection mechanisms.
Original source: Europe’s HITB Security Conference The iPhone De Team and the members of the Chronic Dev Team are collectively known as the iOS Jailbreak Dream Team. The group of hackers will give a couple of one-hour presentations in order to cover the inner workings behind their Absinthe (Jailbreak for A5 gadgets) and Corona (Jailbreak for A4 gadgets). The two presentations will also detail the “revolutionary fusion” of exploits inside exploits used in the undertaking. The famous hackers will also disclose inner circle information on wider range of iOS exploits. On the HITB Security Conference the main member of the iPhone Dev Team MuscleNerd will give a separate presentation on the evolution and also future of iPhone baseband unlocking. Those who don’t know, baseband locking limits the usage of the iPhone to one particular company. It is a standard practice with subsidized iPhones. In addition hacker’s presentation will share the details of changes Apple have made to the iPhone and the way these have an effect on both software-based unlocks and hardware-based SIM solutions. We'll be posting more information about this HITB Security Conference as more details surface. Leave a comment and let us know what you think about the conference. Update: Use this link to download HITBSecConf Agenda.